Randy S Miller

Randy Miller is an accomplished Senior Executive and Advisor with more than 30 years of success across the financial services, business services, hospitality, and internet industries. His broad areas of expertise include corporate finance, financial modeling, startups, and growth.

Randy holds a leadership position as the Owner of RMM Accounting where he works with companies in growth stages to ensure sure their financial and operational systems are capable of supporting success. 
Randy has participated as the Senior Financial Officer for four start-up companies in the mortgage banking, internet, and telecommunications industries. His responsibilities have included, but not been limited to, authoring business plans and financial models, establishing Finance, Human Resources, Legal, and Administrative Operations, developing interdepartmental policies and procedures, and establishing banking and vendor relationships.

He has also served as the Chief Financial Officer for Advantage Capital Equity Solutions Inc. where he built the business plan and financial model to raise the seed equity investment and established the finance and human resources departments and administrative operations.
Prior to his role at Advantage Capital Equity Solutions Inc., Randy additionally led as the Chief Financial Officer for Quality Home Loans Inc and the Controller and Chief Financial Officer for Production Photo/Graphics.
Randy also has over 18 years’ experience in forensic accounting and restructuring operations for Chapter 11 companies. Working for Trustees and private companies, he was responsible for evaluating litigation potential, developing case evidence, and testifying as to transactions and illegal practices.  Randy has led Forensic Accounting teams earning favorable judgments of more than $65 million. He has managed bankruptcies and reorganizations in both the Central District of California and the Northern District of Alabama. He has served as a COO, CFO, court approved consultant, and a debtor in possession working under a court appointed Trustee.
Randy obtained his BS in Business and Accounting from the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business.

2009 - Present
Owner - RMM Accounting
RMM Accounting
  • Business services including strategic and operational analysis, cash flow budgeting and planning, process analysis and optimization, and forensic accounting
  • Consulting expert for litigation case development and analysis
2007 - 2008
Chief Financial Officer - Advantage Capital Equity Solutions, Inc.
Advantage Capital Equity Solutions, Inc.
  • Wrote the business plan and financial model that allowed the Company to raise $2 million in seed equity capital
  • Established the Finance, Human Resources and Administrative operations departments.
  • Launched the $74 million Private Placement Memorandum investment fund
2005 - 2007
Chief Financial Officer - Quality Home Loans
Quality Home Loans
  • Developed and managed the Finance and Human Resources departments
  • Built and implemented the Company’s first annual & strategic budgets
  • Negotiated over $200 million in lines of credit and established banking relationships.
2003 - 2005
Controller/Chief Financial Officer - Federal Transtel Inc.
Federal Transtel Inc.
  • Led Company through Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings
  • Renegotiated key vendor contracts to allow resumption of outsourced services.

Michelle Miller
Miki Miller is a Principal with RMM Accounting

Miki specializes in client relations and company processes and procedures. She has worked with Business services companies in Payroll, Mortgage Banking, and Auto Industries. In addition, she has managed non-profit organizations, developing successful fund raising operations and building volunteer operations, including increasing volunteer participations. Her experience also includes space acquisition, lease negotiation and construction build-outs.

Miki has developed customer service and sales programs that reduced staffing requirements while increasing sales and productivity through streamlined processes and training programs. Her work on building efficient procedures helped an auto dealership clean-up a 12-month backlog of transactions and develop a reporting real-time inventory tracking system.

As a consultant for a start-up Mortgage Banking company, Miki managed the build-out of the company’s Florida headquarters, including space design, tenant improvements, and build-out. As the liaison between the company, the landlord, the architects and the contractors, Miki was responsible for bringing the build-out to completion on-time and under budget.

In her work with volunteer organizations, Miki spearheaded campaigns that increased fundraising by up to 225% and volunteer participation by 60%. In addition, her fundraising campaign for a new school computer lab reached its goal 6 months ahead of schedule and included extra funds to hire staff for the lab.

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