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First things first! 

Whether just starting out, looking for funding, or monitoring the growth of a business, creating a Business Plan should be the first step.  From determining objectives, financial goals, and executive summaries to developing market strategies and financial components, we provide patient and professional guidance in creating this crucial roadmap to success.


Every business starts with an idea or a vision.  The process of transitioning this vision into a successful business is detailed and daunting, to say the least.  Critical steps can be easily overlooked.  We simplify the process and point out all the “I’s” to dot and “T’s” to cross.


Selling your business is an intensive process. Preparing for the sale can involve several years of monthly financial statements, tax returns, and providing large numbers of documents and analysis. Depending on the size of the transaction, CPA audits may be required. During the transaction, there is constant interaction with your investment bankers and legal team, as well as, the buyers and their due diligence team. It can be demanding on a daily basis that can distract you from running your business – which can impact the final price. We have extensive experience in managing the requests and demands, allowing you to focus on the critical items and keep your business growing.



Cash Flow planning and analysis is critical to success in business.  Even if profitable, not enough cash can spell disaster. Slow paying customers, growing inventories, new equipment needs; all of these issues can pull cash from your business.  Let us build a cash flow plan for you that will let you understand these issues and how you can grow your business without running out of cash. 


From simple projections to comprehensive modeling, having the correct model will allow you to manage your growth, track your results and course correct for new opportunities or obstacles. By developing a projection that fits your business and your information needs, we can help provide that roadmap to the future.


Financial statements need to be created in accordance with professional standards. We can develop a financial reporting package with key performance indicators which will identify opportunities and challenges.  Early detection allows adjustments to be made in a timely fashion which promotes growth and success.


Victimized by theft or fraud? We can help you analyze financial, banking, and company records, reconstruct financial statements, and trace missing cash payments/deposits to aid in identifying financial losses and illegal actions. We work with your legal and insurance groups to provide the information needed in the litigation or recovery process.


Often overlooked, policies and procedures are key to business success. Financial, human resource and operational procedures provide structure for your employees and help your business grow successfully. We can help you develop, document and install the procedures for today and tomorrow. For legal, employment and Human Resource issues and compliance, we are connected to outside resources who can help you avoid employee and vendor issues.

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